Instrument fittings & Valves

Instrument fittings & Valves

ROKVAL manufactures Instruments fittings & Valves of various kinds and sizes. Please refer to the attached Catalogue for your reference. If you don’t find any Instrument fittings or Valves please feel free to ask us or write us a email

Instrument Fittings INSTRUMENT FITTINGS General Compression tube fittings are double ferrule type fittings which provide leak-proof, torque-free seals at the tubing connection. General instruments has built reputation for manufacturing standard instrumentation / tube fittings as well as customized fittings based on client requirements and various process applications

Instrument Ball Valve are available in a variety of materials and end connections .They are highly durable and provide effective performance without any leakage. Instrument Ball Valves offered by us, are used primarily on upstream offshore/onshore oil production and initial processing installations.


Tube Fittings provide a leak-proof, torque-free seal at all tubing connections and eliminate costly, hazardous leaks in instrumentation and process tubing. All the action in the fitting moves along the tube axially instead of with a rotary motion.

Although the fitting consists of four components: Nut, Back Ferrule, Front Ferrule and Body, it becomes a five-piece connection when affixed to the tubing. The two-ferrule design and sequential action of the fitting over-come variations in tube materials, wall thickness and hardness to assure safe, reliable, leak-free connections.