Valves are used in a variety of industry types in order to control flow and pressure of liquid, gas, oil, vapor, etc. They effectively control the piping system, which is especially critical when working with chemicals and extreme pressure/temperature as you do in the petrochemical industry.

Petroleum is used for a number of applications in everything from creating plastics to rubber, and the petrochemical industry works at refining these products as well as fiber raw and natural gas materials.

While there are many types of valves out there, but the most common petrochemical valves are as follows.

  • Plug Valve
  • Globe Valves
  • Knife Gate Valves
  • Slide Gate Valves
  • Vacuum Relief Valves

These five common petrochemical valves ensure the petrochemical industry runs smoothly in all contexts. They’re also imperative for maintaining safety.

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