Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Liberty has been the leader in the field of economically priced progressive cavity pumps and replacement pump parts. Liberty specializes in Progressive Cavity Pumps for industry. The progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement system that is extremely flexible in its usability in a variety of specialized fields with difficult pumping applications such as viscous and highly-abrasive media. The design offers a pulsation-free, self priming operation that allows solids contents up to 50% to be moved without shearing.

Liberty Process also carries aftermarket parts for other OEM manufacturers not shown above, if you don’t see your manufacturer or are concerned about our parts working in your current OEM system, simply give us a call, one of our engineers will be glad to assist you. Like their OEM counterparts, our pump parts work in all the same fields such as wastewater and with viscous fluids with solids content.

Liberty Process Progressive Cavity Parts are machined to exacting tolerances in hardened steels with chrome and Duktil coatings and with our stators phenolic compounds to offer comparable and stable pumping performance and efficiency under standard operating conditions in the toughest of environments.

All Liberty pumps and parts come with a full money-back guarantee for your total satisfaction. In today’s market, on-time delivery is extremely important. We know that budgets are tight. It is hard for the end user to keep all the spare parts you need on hand. You also never know when something will go wrong. That is why at Liberty, we keep a large inventory of pumps and spare parts for progressive cavity pumps on-hand ready to ship at a moment’s notice.


Industries that rely on PC pumps for daily operations include but are not limited to:

  • Waste Activated Sludge Transfer in Wastewater
  • Return Activated Sludge
  • Sludge and Biosolids Transfer & Processing
  • Oil Transfer and Oil Sludge Pumping
  • TWAS Wastewater and Dewatering Applications
  • Polymer Feed Injection
  • Grouting and Heavy Abrasives Pumping
  • Fracking Pumps
  • Drilling Mud Pumps
  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment
  • High Viscosity Fluid Transfer

Open Hopper PC Pumps For Wine Must and Mash Tun When it comes to moving fluids with suspended solids content such as sludge’s or biosolids or thickened abrasives such as grouts or slurries, the PC Pump is the best choice for your application. Liberty can supply both the multiphase PC pumps and replacement parts to keep your PC Pump operating optimally for a lower price than other suppliers and OEM’s and can even offer you full pump packages with motors and baseplates if your job requires it.

We stocks for same day-shipment a full line of high-quality drop-in replacement aftermarket progressive cavity pump spare parts for the most popular brands and series of pumps today. Liberty parts are the optimal budgetary choice for cost-conscious managers in the wastewater, fracking and thickened fluids transfer fields for over a decade.

Our Aftermarket Pump Parts work as direct drop-in replacements for the following OEM pump brands and pump series:

  • *Moyno® 2000 Series or L-Frame Pumps
  • *Tarby® Century 5 Series or Century 3 Series orCentury 4 Series
  • *Continental® CG Series or CL Series
  • *Roper® Model 70400 or Model 70200
  • *Monoflo® XL or ML series